Picture of our Sunday RC Robotics 101 Workshop

This is a photo of our students learning about RC Robotics.

MARCH BREAK CAMP March 13-17 20-24

March Break Camp is available in Mississauga (near Oakville, Brampton, Burlington)

We are now offering our Little Scientist March Break Camps; details can be found here


Starts Daily, Suitable for Age 7-12. Drop off at 10 am and pickup at 3pm
Please print this Registration Form and come in person to pay for the fees. 

MARCH BREAK 13-17 and 20-24 (Mississauga, near Oakville, Brampton and Burlington)

March Break Camps for Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington neighborhood and communities. Please use this Registration Form and pay in person, or fax it in to 905-7551100 or simply register online and pay by paypal or in person. We have limited vacancies for each day. Register Early to ensure we have a space for your child to join us for real engineering fun during this March Break.

Little Scientist Club offers learnings and mentorship useful for any science projects, many parents comes to us for help for their sons and daugther's science projects that was meant to be completed by the youths themselves. Too many times,  the parents were doing it the science project for them. We believe there is nothing better than having your child an opportunity to have fun this March Break and learn by themselves the basics of machines, electricity, gears, mechanics, motion, energy and many other science and physics principles - see them in practice. And best of all, they have to finish the projects all by themselves - working hands on, asking questions, solving problems, DIY, and benefit from our vast experience in hobby, science and robotics.  We teach them how to fish, we do not serve the fish on a plate !! You can now benefit from our patience, mentorship, resources, experience, and of course unique bring home projects and curriculum. All finished projects and participants can enter into our own challenges and competitions on their respective class to promotes competitive learning environment.

Looking for focus group study - hobbyist, students to test SRV-1

We are looking for a group of 5-6 individuals to join us FREE for a workshop for a product that we are introducing into the Canadian market. This product is still under development from the inventor/manufacturer. We are delighted to be invited to BETA TEST this product under a control environment.

Interested parties should contact Daniel. The target workshop is Feb 11st (Saturday afternoon)


You are looking at Surveyor's SRV-1 Internet-controlled mobile robotic webcam. It's designed for operation as either a wireless teleoperated webcam, where the SRV-1 is driven around under control of a base station console or a remote network/Internet viewer, or a self-navigating autonomous robotic vehicle, using its sensors and built-in processing to perform assigned tasks such as object tracking and motion detection.

Lego Mindstorms now have NXT..- see article here

For those of you who had talked to us about Lego Mindstorms and you probably noticed that BoyToys and many other Toys suppliers may not have too many of the Mindstorms in stock or there seems to be a supply issue. We think that the intelligent brick is a bit dated, for one reason. Secondly the value proposition does not hold up to its MSRP. Plus, in the 21st century, it doesn't even hold mp3, or has memory slots for different media...

Hang on, we are not talking about ipod or mp3 player here....We are talking about a LEGO brick ? a PLU unit - a brain for controlling our robots.  Well, if Canadian Tire can bring in RC car that plays MP3 songs, an intelligent brick like LEGO's should do more.. Well if i am the designer or inventor, i will bring in more bells and whistle than that..

Little Scientist offers shipping and online programs to all Canada cities and communities.

Abbey, SK Abbotsford, BC Abee, AB Acadia Valley, AB Actinolite, ON Admiral, SK Aishihik, YT Aiyansh, BC Aklavik, NT Akulivik, PQ Alameda, SK Albert Canyon, BC Alberton, PE Albreda, BC Aldouane, NB Alert, NT Alexis Creek, BC Alexis River, NF Alexo, AB Algonquin Park, ON Alkali Lake, BC Allan Water, ON Allan, SK Alonsa, MB Alvena, SK Amadjuak, NT Amherst, NS Amos, PQ Amphititrite Point, BC Amulet, SK Amyot, ON Anahim Lake, BC Ansonville, ON Anyox, BC Arctic Bay, NT Arelee, SK Argenta, BC Argentia, NF Armagh, PQ Armstrong Station, ON Arnot, MB Aroland, ON Arprior, ON Arrandale, BC Arviat, NT Ashcroft, BC Ashern, MB Ashmont, AB Aspen Grove, BC Assiniboia, SK Athabasca, AB Atikameg, AB Atikokan, ON Atikup, ON Atlee, AB Atlin, BC Atnarko, BC Attachie, BC Attawapiskat, ON Auden, ON Aviron Bay, NF Aylesbury, SK B,R, NT Babine Portage, BC Babine, BC Bachelors Il, MB Back River, NT Baddeck, NS Badger, NF Bagotville, PQ Baie Comeau, PQ Baie-du-Poste, PQ Baker Lake, NT Balcarres, SK Balfour, BC Bancroft, ON Banff, AB Barkerville, ON Barlow, YT Barrhead, AB Barrie, ON Barriere, BC Barriere, PQ Barrows, MB Bassano, AB Bateman, SK Bathurst Inlet, NT Bathurst, NB Batteau, NF Battle Creek, SK Bay De Verde, NF Bear Island, ON Bear Lake, BC Bearskin Lake, ON Beartooth Island, SK Beatton River, BC Beauceville, NS Beauval, SK Beaver Creek, YT Beechy, SK Belanger, SK Belcher, MB Belcourt, PQ Bella Coola, BC Belle Isle, NF Belleau, PQ Belleville, ON Belloy, AB Beloud Post, YT Bend, BC Berens River, MB Beresford Lake, MB Bernard Harbour, NT Bield, MB Big Beaverhouse, ON Big Creek, BC Big Owl, ON Big River, SK Big Salmon, YT Big Trout Lake, ON Binscarth, MB Biscotasing, ON Bissett, ON Bjorkdale, SK Black Hills, YT Blackcomb, BC Blackie, AB Blaeberry, BC Blaine Lake, SK Blairmore, AB Blucher Hall, BC Blue River, BC Blue Rock, NS Bluffton, AB Bodo, AB Boiestown, NB Boissevain, MB Bolkow, ON Bon Accord, NB Bonavista, NF Bonilla Isl, BC Bonne Bay, NF Border Beacon, NF Bow Drill Iii, NF Bow Island, AB Bow Valley, AB Bracebridge, ON Braeburn, YT Bralorne, BC Brampton, ON Brandon, MB Brantford, ON Brazeau, AB Bredenbury, SK Brevoort Island, NT Bridge Lake, BC Bridgewater, NS Britannia Beach, BC Britt, ON Broadacres, SK Broadview, SK Brochet Man, MB Brockville, ON Brooks, AB Broughton Isl, NT Broughton Island, NT Brownrigg, ON Buffalo Narrows, SK Bulkley Canyon, BC Bull Arm, NF Bulyea, SK Burgeo, NF Burk's Falls, ON Burns Lake, BC Burnside, NF Burwash, YT Butedale, BC Byron Bay, NT Cachalot, BC Calgary, AB Calling Lake, AB Cambridge Bay Arpt, NT Cameron Falls, ON Camlaren, NT Campbell River, BC Campbellton, PE Camrose, AB Camsell River, NT Canary, ON Canim Lake, BC Cann, PQ Canton-Begin, PQ Canuck, SK Canwood, SK Canyon City, YT Cap Chat, PQ Cap Madeleine, PQ Cap Tourmente, PQ Cape Dorset, NT Cape Dyer, NT Cape Freels, NF Cape Hooper, NT Cape Kakkiviak, NF Cape Mercy, NT Cape Parry, NT Cape Race, NF Cape Young, NT Caramat, ON Carcross, YT Cardigan, PE Cardston, AB Caribou Hide, BC Caribou Isl, ON Caribou Point, NS Caribou, MB Carmacks, YT Carmi, BC Carrick, MB Carruthers, SK Cartier, ON Cartwright, NF Carway, AB Cascade, BC Castlegar, BC Casummit Lake, ON Cathedral Point, BC Causapscal, PQ Cedarvale, BC Ceepeecee, BC Centreville, BC Cereal, AB Chamouchouane, PQ Champagne, YT Chapleau, ON Chaplin, SK Charlevoix, PQ Charlo, NB Charlottetown, PE Chatam Point, BC Chatham, NB Chatham, ON Chauvin, AB Chee House, BC Cheltenham, ON Cherryville, BC Chesterfield Inlet, NT Cheticamp, NS Chetwynd, BC Chevery, PQ Chibougamau, PQ Chicotte, PQ Chicoutimi, PQ Chief Lake, BC Chillwack, BC Chip Lake, AB Chipman, NB Chisholm, AB Churchill Falls, NF Churchill, MB Chute Des Passes, PQ Chutine Landing, BC Claresholm, AB Clear Prairie, AB Clearwater, BC Clinton Point, NT Clinton, BC Cloridorme, PQ Clova, PQ Clut Lake, NT Clute, ON Clyde River, NS Clyde, NT Coalspur, AB Cobalt, ON Cobourg, ON Coburg, ON Cochrane Hill, NS Codroy Pond, NF Cold Lake, AB Collingwood, ON Collins Bay, SK Colville Lake, NT Comox, BC Conklin, AB Conne River, NF Copper Mountain, BC Copper River, BC Coppermine Airport, NT Coral Harbour Arpt, NT Coral Rapids, ON Cornwall, ON Coronation, AB Cote, SK Cottonwood, BC Courtenay, BC Cove Island, ON Coyle, BC Cracroft, BC Craig Harbour, NT Craigmyle, AB Cranbrook, BC Cree Lake, SK Creston, BC Crilly, ON Criss Creek, BC Cross Lake, MB Crow, ON Croydon Station, BC Cumberland House, SK Curling, NF Dalhousie Settlement, NS Dalton Post, YT Daniels Harbor, NF Dauphin, MB Davis Inlet, NF Dawson City, YT Dawson Creek, BC Dayton, ON Deadwood, AB Dease Lake Cs, BC Decimal, MB Deep River, ON Deer Lake, NF Deer Lake, ON Defot, BC Devils Head, NS Dewar Lakes, NT Digby, NS Disraeli, PQ Dog Creek B.

All New TAMIYA ROBOTS or TAMIYA ROBOT components ready for Tamiya RoboFest this summer

Tamiya has new products catered for robotics hobbyist, students and for educational use. LittleScientist has teamed up with Tamiya Canada to host and organise Ontario's FIRST ever TAMIYA ROBOTICS COMPETITION.

More details available from TamiyaRobots.com

We now have the robot (basic one) running. See the video here.

The forum for RoboFest is now also active. Go visit RoboFest forum now

Our First Lego League - Team 2047 Starts again in August

Our Little Scientist Club was Ontario's First Independent Team to join First Lego League in Canada in 2005 and this year, we believe we still are the only "INDEPENDENT" to join as TEAM 2047. We are inviting the youths that joined us last year at 2005 Team 603 to join us starting next week for our Saturday workshops. Check with coach, Daniel Chun at 905-782-2888 for more details.

More exciting this year will be the fact that our team will be using the all new Lego Mindstorms NXT.
We offer a very unique atmosphere for youths between age 9-14 in Mississauga to join our Team 2047.

Battery/Motors/ESCs recommended for TAMIYA RoboFest this summer

We have tested with the following equipment to be legal for use with this summer's Tamiya Robofest

- Tamiya ESC TEU-10BK
- Tamiya Sport Tuned Motor and Silver Can Motor
- Peak Racing (PEK4115) or Team Orion (ORI-10901) Ni-Mh 3000 mAH battery shrink wrapped in red

Remember, the standard component for the drive train will be the newly released Tamiya Motor Gear head with tires set , either Part# 72101 and 72102 . See them here

How does a battlebot or competition type robot rover SPEED CONTROL works ?

PWM Speed Controller for Robots. Click here

Since we now have a pretty good idea of the amount of current our motors will need, we need some way to be able to control the speed of the motors. In the early days of combat robotics, many builders controlled the motors in their bots using combinations of relays, solenoids, switches and servomotors to control the power going to the motors. The use of servo motors with electrical switches is call “Servo Switching”, this allowed builders to use high current motors but these systems can be un-reliable, complex and only allowed motors to be run in full forward, stop or full reverse.