MARCH BREAK 13-17 and 20-24 (Mississauga, near Oakville, Brampton and Burlington)

March Break Camps for Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington neighborhood and communities. Please use this Registration Form and pay in person, or fax it in to 905-7551100 or simply register online and pay by paypal or in person. We have limited vacancies for each day. Register Early to ensure we have a space for your child to join us for real engineering fun during this March Break.

Little Scientist Club offers learnings and mentorship useful for any science projects, many parents comes to us for help for their sons and daugther's science projects that was meant to be completed by the youths themselves. Too many times,  the parents were doing it the science project for them. We believe there is nothing better than having your child an opportunity to have fun this March Break and learn by themselves the basics of machines, electricity, gears, mechanics, motion, energy and many other science and physics principles - see them in practice. And best of all, they have to finish the projects all by themselves - working hands on, asking questions, solving problems, DIY, and benefit from our vast experience in hobby, science and robotics.  We teach them how to fish, we do not serve the fish on a plate !! You can now benefit from our patience, mentorship, resources, experience, and of course unique bring home projects and curriculum. All finished projects and participants can enter into our own challenges and competitions on their respective class to promotes competitive learning environment.

Please register your child in person at  Unit 5, 801 Matheson Blvd West, Mississauga. During the day, you can even monitor your child with our classroom webcam. You can print registration form or come in person

1) Little Scientist Day Camp ($40+tax, can mix and match, can join challenges on Saturday 18th, 25th)
These workshops are the most popular ones and offers DIY opportunity for youths to learn to build a switch,gearbox, mechanics, basic electricity magnetism and everything is hands on) 10 am drop in, pickup at 3 pm, starts daily, suitable for Age 7-11. Workshops include take home material or actual kits.
- Science 101 (Magnetism/Electromagnetism) or Inventor Set
- Tamiya Mini 4WD
- Tamiya RoboCrafts
- Meccano Construction
- Bridge Building & Construction
- Catapult or Trebuchet or Siege Tower or Battering Ram

Parents can enrol youths for one or more of these workshops for the entire week, and simply mix and match the above themes for different days. Robocrafts has 10 different Robot animals to choose from, Meccano have 10 different items to choose from, etc. Parents should prepare lunch and refreshment for youths.

2) Young Engineers Camp (when completed, youths can join challenges on Saturday 18th and 25th)
These workshops offers more advanced learning opportunity, completely DIY (10 am drop off, 3 pm pickup)
Suitable for Age 11-14 (workshops include take home Eg. Rescue Crawler, Robot-X, Mechamo Crab)
- Robot-X - our own patent pending invention of a robot and is now offered as a workshop, can participate in our Robotics Soccer competition (1 day workshop, starts daily, $150+tax)

-Remote Control Rescue Crawler (1 day workshop, starts daily $140+tax)
- RC Robotics 101 (2 days workshop, starts daily, $200+tax).Same as offered on Saturday. Click here for more details.
- RC Mechamo Crab or Inchworm (1 day workshop, starts daily, $150+tax)

3) Advanced RC Hobbyist 
This is most suitable for age 12-18 who had demonstrated strong interest in remote operated vehicles  (aka ROV) and perhaps racing in R/C cars. (Workshops include take home high quality Tamiya RC Car or Robot)

- My First Tamiya RC Car (3 days workshop, $400+tax  more details here (coming soon), students will have a coupon for practicing at Fastcats Race Track ($10 value) and can also compete FREE ($25 value) in competition on Jul 16th Tamiya R/C race at BoyToys location
- My First Tamiya RC Robot (5 days workshop, $500+tax, bring home a complete RC robot) used in competion in this summer's Toronto's first RoboFest 2006 held at BoyToys and other locations.


Challenges and Competition for graduates/participants from our camps & workshops (FREE) to foster competition
These challenges and competitions are offered FREE to the participants with finished projects from our March Break Workshops to join in a competition environment based on the materials and learnings that they have either built or accomplished by themselves. Check the dates and times

- Tamiya RoboCrafts - Maze Challenge Saturday 18th, 25th at 10-11am
- Tamiya 4WD - Incline crawling challenge Saturday 18th, 25th at 11am-12 pm
- RC- Robotics 101 - Robot Soccer Competition on Saturday 18th 2-3 pm and 25th 2-3 pm
- Mechamo Sprint Competition on Saturday 18th 1-2pm and 25th 1-2 pm
- Rescue Crawler - Obstacle Challenge 

Background Information

Little Scientist is Ontario's First independent team to join Lego Mindstorm based junior robotics competition called First Lego League. Little Scientist is a sponsor of various youth groups and local schools in joining Skills Ontario and US FIRST robotics competition.  Little Scientist offer hands on curriculum and workshops for schools and youth groups.