Looking for focus group study - hobbyist, students to test SRV-1

We are looking for a group of 5-6 individuals to join us FREE for a workshop for a product that we are introducing into the Canadian market. This product is still under development from the inventor/manufacturer. We are delighted to be invited to BETA TEST this product under a control environment.

Interested parties should contact Daniel. The target workshop is Feb 11st (Saturday afternoon)


You are looking at Surveyor's SRV-1 Internet-controlled mobile robotic webcam. It's designed for operation as either a wireless teleoperated webcam, where the SRV-1 is driven around under control of a base station console or a remote network/Internet viewer, or a self-navigating autonomous robotic vehicle, using its sensors and built-in processing to perform assigned tasks such as object tracking and motion detection.

The SRV-1 can be run from a Windows, Mac OS/X or Linux base station, and multiple SRV-1's can operate under the control of a single base station. First SRV-1 units are in process of shipping to initial test sites, and commercial availability is planned for February 2006.

We will be selling unbundled components as well as complete robots, so users will be able to integrate the SRV-1 controller with other robotic bases.