Lego Mindstorms now have NXT..- see article here

For those of you who had talked to us about Lego Mindstorms and you probably noticed that BoyToys and many other Toys suppliers may not have too many of the Mindstorms in stock or there seems to be a supply issue. We think that the intelligent brick is a bit dated, for one reason. Secondly the value proposition does not hold up to its MSRP. Plus, in the 21st century, it doesn't even hold mp3, or has memory slots for different media...

Hang on, we are not talking about ipod or mp3 player here....We are talking about a LEGO brick ? a PLU unit - a brain for controlling our robots.  Well, if Canadian Tire can bring in RC car that plays MP3 songs, an intelligent brick like LEGO's should do more.. Well if i am the designer or inventor, i will bring in more bells and whistle than that..

As suggested by us earlier, LEGO will soon run their new Mindstorm's educational platform on this new NXT.

Click this link for full LEGO'S PRESS RELEASE of at the 2006 Consumer Electronic Show