Letter to Parents - Introduction


Dear parents,

We just want you to be more comfortable about leaving your children with Little Scientist for a couple of hours.

We have the implemented the following

- Live web cam for parents to use during classes, parties and workshops
- Background check - Our staff have been checked for their background
- No Smoking Rule - all our staff are all non-smokers
- All our instructors are all college or university graduate in science, engineering or technology.
- All our Teaching Assistants are high school students working part time and have a vision to become a science or engineering major. Their parents like them to work part time with us to learn and we have this program to help them see the end of the tunnel.

We are great mentors and toy designers.
We inspire your kids with fun learning environment.
We care for your children just like we care for ours.

We are great believers of "Today's Hobby Makes Future Engineers"


Daniel Chun
Founder of BoyToys & Little Scientist, also a professional manager in Toys Business at Interactive Toy Concepts, Father of Jocelyn (7) and Chloe (1).

BoyToys have been in business since 2002 first openning a store in Mississauga's Heartland Shopping Area and have since built a loyal following in the hobby trade. In 2004, Little Scientist Club is formed to truely create a hands on learning environment outside school with hobby, science and robotics curriculum. In 2007, after 5 years of lease committment in Heartland, Little Scientist Club and BoyToys now moved to a new location at 1305 Matheson Blvd E such that Little Scientist Club has a permanent classroom and party room faciltiy.

Little Scientist Club have received many local media praising for its unique offerings in the category of extra-curricula activities for kids 8-14 years old.

Email us for more information at info@littlescientist.net