Little Scientist independent FIRST LEGO LEAGUE and FIRST VEX COMPETITION team

We are the pioneers in running independent teams for FIRST LEGO LEAGUE and FIRST VEX COMPETITION. We belive in supporting the youths in our local community and particularly those have joined our workshops or parties programs before in JUNIOR ROBOTICS.

In May/Jun this year, following our summer relocation to our new location at 1305 Matheson Blvd East (closer to Mississauga's HERSHEY CENTER, home to FIRST ROBOTICS COMPETITION), we are hoping that we can offer our own teams of Little Scientist to join FIRST LEGO LEAGUE in Canada and FIRST VEX ROBOTICS in Canada the best support.

Team members are recruited from previous participants attending our workshops, parties and have prior experiencein LEGO ROBOTICS and VEX ROBOTICS.

If you would like to enrol your child in these wonderful programs and events in Ontario, please talk to us, email us or come visit us and let's do our wonderful thing to motivate these youths to become more competitive and help them see the end of the tunnel.

The team is sponsored and subsidised HALF of the cost to host workshops, materials, and attending competition in local and provincial competition.