TAMIYA ROBOTICS 101 (Sunday Workshop 9-11 am, $85+GST for 2 session, 10+)

Tamiya Robots 101 (Sunday, 9-11 am, $85+GSTfor 2 sessions). Youth gets to keep the robotic kit (worth $39), Suits Age 10+

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Tamiya Robotics Workshops are suitable to age 8-14. The benefit of this workshop is to learn to build your own and understand instructions, designs, mechanical gearboxes, electriccal circuit, controller, crank cam advantages, and best of all. All materials are reusable for future science projects and students get to keep it.

Check the videos of these robots Video1 Video2

Fees are $75(tax inclusive) per person and of Two (2) sessions of approximately 1.5 hours each session (Sundays). Youths will build and get to keep a TAMIYA Remote Control Robot and build 2 gearboxes, drive trains, mechanical robots, and the remote control. All these materials are and can be reused to build another robot or remote control rovers.

Take control of your insect

Now you can control where your robot will go. Thanks to a 2-channel remote control, you can make your mechanical insect move forward/backward or make it turn to the left and to the right. Everything needed to assemble your model is included. The kit features 2 gearboxes, one for each set of legs. The remote-control circuit is pre-wired to the motor and the gearboxes are pre-assembled to achieve ease of assembly.

Two gearboxes for liberty of movement

The Mechanical Insect is equipped with two gearboxes, one that controls the right hand side legs and one that controls the left hand side legs. While working in the same direction, the gearboxes allow your robot to move forward and backward. While working in opposite directions, the gearboxes allow your robot to turn right/left.

Two-stick remote control

The remote-control allows you to control the two gearboxes. Each lever controls one gearbox. After some practice, you will be able to make your insect go anywhere you want.

Goals and ball

In order to offer you the possibility to play soccer with friends, the kit includes a ball and parts to build goals. Stickers with numbers are also part of the set so you can organize a full competition.

Let's play soccer with friends. To play soccer, you just need to make a rounded field with fences and draw lines on it. Then take two Mechanical Insects as players and you are ready to start. By pushing the ball with the legs of your robot, you can dribble and score goals.

Basic Specifications

  • Total length: 116mm
  • Total weight: 135g (w/ out batteries)
  • Body material: ABS resin
  • Gearbox, motor, remote-control also included.
  • A screwdriver for the assembly is provided.
  • Requires two R6/AA/UM3 batteries (sold separately).
  • Continuous running time with Alkaline battery, 2 hrs.