Little Scientist - Team 3463 now joins VEX ROBOTICS's First Vex Challenge in Ontario Science Center Nov 25th

We are joining Vex Robotics FVC to be held in ONTARIO SCIENCE CENTER on Nov 25th.


More details about First Vex Challenge at

Team Leader: Adam Scott, Daniel. 

Resources for the Vex Challenge, Click here

Some details of this year challenge HANGING A ROUND is available in a video presentation at

Click Here

We will start this on Oct 29th SUNDAY 9am to 3 pm for the next 4 sundays until the first competition date on Nov 25th Saturday at Ontario Science Center.

 Students who have joined our RC ROBOTICS 101 or have joined VEX Programming Workshops during the summer can join us. The workshop/competition/team fees are $150 each student. (Half of the full cost to join this exciting challenge).