Lego Mindstorms Junior Robotics Resources

Use these links to assist you in designing, building, programming and teaching
Lego Mindstorm robots.

Downloadable, Ready-for-Print, Step-by-Step
Robot Building Instructions

Click the links above to access Adobe® Reader (.pdf) versions of the listed LEGO Robot step-by-step building guides. If you need a free copy of Adobe Reader, click:
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More will be posted as they are available!

Design Challenges
One-Day Design Challenges
Core Concepts

Kits for Educators Updated 07/01/03
      ROBO Technology Set 
      Team Challenge Set
      Invent and Investigate
      ROBOLAB Software

Kits for Parents and Consumers Updated 07/01/03
      Robotic Invention System 
      Ultimate Builders Set
      Ultimate Accessory Set

Learning Mechanics
      Introduction to Robotics 
      Introduction to Hardware
      Introduction to Software
      Introduction to Gears
      Gears, Speed, Torque
      Simple Machines
      Touch Sensors
      Light Sensors
      Rotation Sensors

Learning Programming
      Introduction to Programming
      Variables, Timers, Multitasking
      Syntax Based Languages - NQC and Integrated C

Project Management

Web links
      National Robotics Engineering Consortium
      Lego Mindstorms
      The Robotics Institute
      More Robot Links