Fischer Technik Educational Robotic Learning coming soon to Little Scientist Club

fischertechnik® is the flexible construction system for young and older system designers alike. Produced in Germany to high standards, these robot kits allow a multitude of systems and 3D models to be created by slotting precision-engineered parts together.

Bionic Walking RobotsCreated by one of Europe's leading manufacturers of industrial connectors, fischertechnik has now been innovating and manufacturing the world's most advanced robotics modeling systems since 1965

Although the robot kits are designed to be easy to use, they can be utilized to learn and teach advanced concepts in engineering, robotics, PLC or computer control. As a matter of fact, fischertechnik is very popular with many of the leading technology educators in the United States and across the globe.

So, whether you want batllebots facing off in a super robot war, affordable examples of industrial robots for training and simulation, or simply toy robot kits with which to play and learn, fischertechnik has what you need. Explore this site and discover for yourself the magic and excitement of fischertechnik!

 A complete catalog is available here