Lego Mindstorms 101 (Saturday 9-11 am, Suits 7-13, $25+GST per session, Certificate of Achievement)

Lego Mindstorms 101 (Saturday, 14 sessions, $25+GST per session, 9-11 am, Certificate of Achievement)

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Starting in 2007. Our Little Scientist Program will offer our famous Lego Mindstorms Workshops to age 6-14.

Fees are $25 per session of 2 hours. Youths will bulid Technic based gearboxes, drive trains, mechanical robots, control automation based on Lego Mindstorms Computer based software and implemented with the educational Lego Robot Controller called LEGO RCX or commonly known as the YELLOW BRICK. Where possible, we will also introduce and use Lego NXTrobotic platforms for the workshops.

The total number of sessions to qualify for a certificate of achievement is 14 sessions. 8 sessions is a minimum to qualify for entry to our Indepdendent Team as basic training. The Lego Mindstorms Curriculum is designed by a US university specialising in Junior Robotics.

Please send email to Daniel to inquire or call Daniel direct at 905-782-2888