Lego Mindstorms - Mini Challenges

This is an ever growing list of mini-challenges meant to reinforce the class training material and to provide an exercise to use during FLL practice sessions. They can be done by multiple groups within the session and should be easy to follow. Once the kids understand the basic concept, they may be able to see how, or if, they could use the concept in some way on their robot.

If you want to contribute your own mini-challenge let us know. We'll post them. These are in no particular order.

The individual files are all in PDF form. The zip file also contains the Word versions if you want to modify or enhance them, per the license agreement of High Tech Kids.

Top (TopLab.pdf)

Miner Rescue Cage (MinerRescueCageLab.pdf)

Differential (DifferentialLab.pdf)

Electronic Tape Measure (TapeMeasure.pdf)

Windmill (WindmillLab.pdf)

Rack and Pinion (RacknPinionLab.pdf)

Helicopter (ChopperLab.pdf)

Zip File of all Labs (PDF and Word versions) (