VexRobotics Mods to Crystal

After many testing, Little Scientist found the perfect mod to upgrade the crystal without the original funny looking crystal set from VexRobotics or RadioShack.  Our VexRobotics inventory for running our Robotics workshops happened to be all CH.61 (Odd for RadioShack to do that in USA, but I know exactly why, they want you to purchase additional and optional Frequency Chip or commonly known as Crystal sets) on..

The crystal is a FM 75Mhz for surface use and it is the same as FUTABA. As we are affilated with BoyToys - the fastest and most creative hobby store in Ontario, Canada and we simply modified it, by openining up the Vex Robotics Transmitter Case and solder a standard crystal recepticle (Note: VEXROBOTICS's TX Crystal is non standard and made such a way that you have to use their crystal upgrade set). We don't have access with RadioShack nor VexRobotics here in Canada, so going to a local RadioShack is useless anyway, so we just made our own.

We actually tested all other single, dual conversion crystals from KO PROPO, JR, Airtronics, Hitec and finally it was actually FUTABA FM 75Mhz

More pictures to come soon.