Summer Camp 2006 (serving Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton and Milton)

Little Scientist Club is delighted to offer the following One Day drop in activity for 2006 Summer Camp. Please note that our Summer Camp programs are offered in July and August only. Please review and find out what is best suited for your children. All programs are offered only to 8-15 years old. Drop off is at 10 am and pickup is at 3 pm. 7% GST will be added to all program fees and are non-refundable. Late fees will also be levied when parents are late for pickup. Registration is open in 3rd week of May on a first come first served basis.

Workshops are offered Monday to Friday (except for public holiday and long weekends) and Workshops can be scheduled to start on any given day.

Parents should provide their children their own lunch and refreshments (Absolutely no nuts please).  We do not serve food or drinks for safety reasons. While we have clean bathroom amenities, parents should advise us of any allergy or medical situations for your child. For safety and convenience purpose, we provide webcams that parents can use during classes to observe their children in class.

Our program has been very popular in March Break and capacity is limited to 12 on any given day. Little Scientist Club is growing but is still not a big institution, just a group of passionate would be engineers (assistant, students from local schools help) led by myself as the cheif instructor and mentor. we have only a limited capacity of 12 youths for any given day. 


1.  Tamiya Robocrafts

1 Day Workshop, Costs $50, Suit 8-13. This program involves building a switch, a battery holder, a single gear box, a cam, mechanical linkages and body chassis of an animal or an insect. Learnings by reading instruction, understanding of mechanical parts, and electrical circuit, and how a robotic animal or insect can be mobilised. More details here. This project's material is reusable, rebuildable and most often used science project materials. It can come in various design like
a dog, rabbit, beetle, tiger, kangaroo, and more.

2.  Motorised 4WD vehicles
     1 Day Workshop, Cost $45, Suit 8-10, more details soon.

3.  Remote Control Insect  (see more details about this robot)

3 Days Workshop, Costs $150, Suits 8-12. This project and kit involves building more than just a switch and battery holder, it now involves combining the two to become a actual remote controller that feeds power through wires to the two motorised gearboxes that drives the robot. A 1-to-1 robotic soccer game will be used to challenge the student on how efficient his robot is and how to make it moves faster and better in the field.


4. Mehcamo Robotic Inchworm or Crab

3 days workshop, costsj $200, Suits 10-15. This program involves building either a IR control robotic inchworm or crab using supplied gearboxes and infrared remote control transmitter and receivers. Connecting the mechanical linkages and joints of the different arms and legs is the most challenging task for this project. All metal construction and the gearboxes, transmitter receiver, battery compartment, sprockets are reusable in other science projects. Difficulty standard is considered high. Can challenge even mature adults. This programs suits children with prior building experience of K'NEX, LEGO, or MECCANO.

5. Remote Control Robotic Boxing Figther

6. Remote Control Crawler

7. Robot-X


Robots are mostly understood as either remote operated or completely autonomous. In this following series of workshops, it is our first time to offer a very uniquely designed curriculum whereby students does not only know how to build their own robots but also learn to program them to exactly how they want the robot to behave. Please note that for this two course students do not take home any materials and we will only start a class when registration is full. We are only accepting 4 students per group. We have a capacity of handling 2 groups. Classes are held on Monday and Tuesday only at 10-3 pm

8. Lego Mindstorms - Building a robot, with different sensors and programming the robot with flow chart type instructions.  More details soon.

9. Vex Robotics - Building a robot and programming the robot with Easy C language. More details soon.

The above information is released on May 1st and will be updated accordingly.
Updated May 3rd, More is coming.