RC ROBOTICS 101 (Starts Every Sunday, 4 sessions, 9-11 am, $200+GST, Certificate of Achievement)

RC ROBOTICS 101 (Starts Every Sunday, 4 sessions, 9-11 am, $200+GST, Certificate of Achievement)

Moderate Hands On Skills Meter

Next Level - Yes
Vex Robotics Curriculum, Vex Competition in Ontario, RobotC


Beginning in November, students can join this workshop and begin their dicovery in Remote Controlled or Radio Controlled Robots (much like a Mars Rover).

The workshops consists of 4 sundays (except for long weekend) and time is 9-11 am. This program welcomes local youths aged 8-15 to join us for 4 sundays to learn everything about radio controlled robots, all electronic, gears, crank, tools, fasteners, program logic controller, servo and sub-systems

Different than learning at a classroom, youths can practice their HANDS ON learning with a step by step approach and under the supervision of our fully trained staff.

The first two sundays involves the youth building a Vex Robotics robot - a robots construction platform which is now endorsed by FIRST ROBOTICS as the official entry for middle school students. This curriculum emphasized learning following instructions. An advanced Vex Robotics curriculum that teaches Math, Science and Engineering will also be available to students in Jan 2007. Preview the Vex Curriculum

In the following 2 sundays, youths will be learning by example, under supervision fabricating, using tools, fasteners, and learning to build our very own patent pending Robot-X. Students get to keep a hobby level Pistol Grip 2 Channel radio system and a set of Tamiya robotic chassis and wheel for this funky Robot-X (retail costs $125). Materials kept will be useful for future science projects. To sign on, click here to add to the shopping cart. Registration in person or payment by paypal is also accepted. Workshop Fee is $200+GST (ie. $212)


Our design of the ROBOT-X use original TAMIYA products and a standard 2 channel pistol grip tyoe radio system and we were delighted when TAMIYA JAPAN CORPORATION exectutive manager came to visit BOYTOYS and were amazed with our invention. 

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