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Tech Support FAQs
  Will MINDSTORMS NXT run under other operating systems besides Windows XP Professional or Home Edition?
  Technical support will not be provided for previous versions of Windows.

Classroom Webcam

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Tamiya introduces new kit materials for DIY competition robot

Tamiya this year will launch two new kits targeted at supplying material for the growing market for competition robots or school project uses. These two new kits is just the tip of the iceberg for TAMIYA - the well known manufacturer in educational kits, scale modeling and radio control hobby products. According to an inside source, robotics for the junior and grade school market is relatively new. In middle and secondary and even engineering schools, these are well supported by various lines of products. The two new products are  TAM72101 Gear Head Motor with Sponge tire set and TAM72102 Gear Motor with Pin Tire Set

Robotic DARPA Rally - a challenge for both machines, minds and codes.

Drivers not required, Programmers wanted ! See all at Popular Science

courtesy of PopSci.com

Little Scientist LIVE on TV (Postponed)

Our science and robotics workshops is picking up its popularity and we were invited by Rogers Television's producer to have a LIVE 10 minute segment at our workshop area at BoyToys on Nov 15th. This is an exciting time for us as our workshops are growing and we would like more Moms and Dads to know that our classes are unique, our teaching methods promotes creativity, and helps direct the positive energies in the little gears of these youths to good practical use. The program is called Daytime and we have invited seasoned hobbyist and toys designer - TRFTOM to present with us some of these latest educational robotics products from TAMIYA, we have also invited MECCANOJosh to briefly demonstrate some of the latest MECCANO offerings available for parents to think about for this coming Christmas.

Team 603 Competes in its First FLL Tournament at the Halton Regional Qualifiers

Team 603 competed had their first taste of competition at the Halton Qualifying Regional Tournament held at the Oakville Trafalgar High School this past Saturday (November 5th).  The rookie team received the AGAINST ALL ODDS awards from the director.

About Us - Little Scientist Club, TheScienceToyStore.com and BoyToys Store

About Us - Little Scientist Club, TheScienceToyStore.com and BoyToys Store

The Little Scientist Club is a supplemental learning and edutainment center that engages today's children and youths to enjoy learning through HANDS ON involvement in science, robotics and hobby projects.

This type of supplemental educational program is generally very lacking in the current schooling system and/or curriculum.

Our programs and workshop can help direct some of the positive energies in the little thinking gears to the practical component of building machines, creative artwork, application of science and technology as well as generally building up their confidence and social communication skills.

Simple Motorised Inventor Vehicles - Available for workshops

We have developed some basic electrical / mechanical devices, to introduce technology into the classroom. These should appeal to students, and emphasize student participation in both design and construction. A teaching unit (information sheet) is supplied to help you build and use these kits. Each kit contains all the necessary electrical and mechanical components: the electric motor, battery holder, switch and any other parts.

WE PROVIDE a perspective drawing of the finished device, and suggest that the students make a scale drawing, to use in making the device. We have chosen devices which can be made with readily available materials e.g. timber, balsa wood, plastic.