The Tech Musem of Innovation has a great article - 13 pages about Robotics.... article and section dedicated to Innovation in Robotics. We like the article.

InventNow invites you to join their COMPETITION !!

More details available from

InventNow Website 

Little Scientist Sponsors $25 Coupon for purchase of radio for SCHOOL ROBOTICS TEAMS in CANADA

We are pleased to announce this new offer of $25 coupon sponsorship for any school or student group based robotics teams active in competition and challenges in Canada. More details is now available.

Detail and form is now available at this pdf file Click here

Info on Skills Ontario Robotics Competition
Our RoboFest 2006 Challenge in the SUMMER

Robocrafts battling at iHobby Expo

We do have RoboCraft Workshops starting in Jan 2006

Ryan has just completed his bridge with 92 popsicle sticks

Look at Ryan's work, under supervision, he was able to start from scratch and understand what is the best structure to use to build a simple bridge that spans over 85 cm long

Mississauga's ACTIVE Community Guide Advertisement

Our advertisement going out on Mississauga's ACTIVE community guide this winter. This is a full page ad.

Skills Ontario Robotics Competition for Schools

Skills Ontario has a program of competition for schools. We are trying to form our own team independent of schools. As of now, this is limited to students from schools.

See more details here and FAQ here

There is also a list of volunteering positions. Click here 

Humanoid riding camels in Katar

In Katar, custom humanoid robots have replaced kids as riders for the camel races. Developed by a Swiss company, this apparently was done because the US insistently demanded the kids to be replaced by adults or...robots.


Youths are advised to bring their own MATCHBOX car

Building a Popsicle-Stick Bridge for MATCHBOX car

The goal: to build the strongest possible bridge to take a matchbox car, using wooden popsicle sticks.

Constraints: - The bridge must span a 55cm gap - No more than 100 popsicle sticks may be used - The sticks may not be cut - Only white glue may be used - Construction paper may be used for the deck only - The test load is applied to a 4cm-wide section at the top of the arch. - The test jig looks like the image attached. (Well-built bridges can support over 200kg - the weight of two adults)