A string of images captured during our SRV-1 Focus Group Study Day 2



SRV-1 workshop 8/8

And the chief commander - Max (9 year old) takes control.

SRV-1 workshop 7/8

And in MARS, you can expect rough terrain like this one...

SRV-1 workshop 6/8

Off it goes. the SRV-1 is on a mission.

SRV-1 workshop 5/8

So we practice and play with the controlling screen for driving the SRV rover, imagining a mission from home base (MARS ROVER) right here at classroom.

SRV-1 workshop 4/8

And we got video transmitted from the SRV to the console - kind of like Mission Control receiving video signals from the REMOTE CONTROLLED MARS ROVER

SRV-1 workshop 3/8

Switching on the SRV unit once the software is enabled for the ZigBee Transceiver unit.

SRV-1 workshop 2/8

Following the instructions provided

SRV-1 workshop 1/8

Activating the SRV-1 with the JAVA command code.