Little Scientist - Team 3463 now joins VEX ROBOTICS's First Vex Challenge in Ontario Science Center Nov 25th

We are joining Vex Robotics FVC to be held in ONTARIO SCIENCE CENTER on Nov 25th.


More details about First Vex Challenge at

Team Leader: Adam Scott, Daniel. 

Resources for the Vex Challenge, Click here

First Robotics Canada official website

Interestingly, they uses the same Content Management System as we do. 

Little Scientist Hands On Skills Meter (Tick)


We will be using this "tick" image to illustrate what is the degree of involvement in practicing HANDS ON SKILLS at our workshops.

As most of our workshops will train and present different level of HANDS ON SKILLS to the youth in organise, build, construct, program and document. We feel that this meter will provide parents a better indication of the skills involved.

Our HANDS ON SKILLS meter will be measuring from 1, 3, 5 ticks.

Basic - Snap on, glue, instructions provided


Lego Mindstorms Junior Robotics Resources

Use these links to assist you in designing, building, programming and teaching
Lego Mindstorm robots.

Downloadable, Ready-for-Print, Step-by-Step
Robot Building Instructions

Click the links above to access Adobe® Reader (.pdf) versions of the listed LEGO Robot step-by-step building guides. If you need a free copy of Adobe Reader, click:
Adobe Reader Free Install

Fischer Technik Educational Robotic Learning coming soon to Little Scientist Club

fischertechnik® is the flexible construction system for young and older system designers alike. Produced in Germany to high standards, these robot kits allow a multitude of systems and 3D models to be created by slotting precision-engineered parts together.

Bionic Walking RobotsCreated by one of Europe's leading manufacturers of industrial connectors, fischertechnik has now been innovating and manufacturing the world's most advanced robotics modeling systems since 1965

Rogers Cable 10 Tuesday 8 pm MeTV Program - A meeting with Little Scientist Club Founder


Click here to find more about Rogers Cable 10 Tuesday 26 September When Little Scientist Club Founder Daniel Chun and introduces the various Junior Robotics workshops that the club offers to the local youth community.

Team 2047 Little Scientist Strikes again at First Lego League 2006 Mississauga's Only Independent Team

Little Scientist team joined FIRST LEGO LEAGUE in 2005 as a rookie team and have since advanced to a level where parents, educators, and the community have known us to be a formidable force in the independents category in junior educational robotics. We are an independent team not supported by any school, the team is financially supported by part susidy from Little Scientist and the youths' parents. It is a great value program for youths that has demonstrated ability and interest.

2005 Team 603 Award for Against All Odds (being a rookie entry)
2006 Team 2047 Award for Best Research (Delivered the best research)
2007 TBA

In 2007, we are hoping that we can have 2 teams of 8 youths each joining us and represent us from Mississauga's community. This is a great opportunity for local youths aged 9-14 who have demonstrated ability in LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT platform and working with other youths.
For youths who has not been involved in FIRST LEGO LEAGUE, we recommend taking our prequisite course of LEGO MINDSTORM 101 course (14 sessions).

Great Robotics Links


What are Robots?

Find out what robots are and some of their history from J&J’s site.
This page was designed by a group of students studying gears.
Here is a comprehensive site on gears (different kinds how to use them etc.)
Do you know the difference between worm gear and spur gear? Find Out! 
Find out how gears change speed and torque.
Includes building and programming tips and lots of great information.
A lego-robotics kit that can be bought in toy stores.
Find out about cool things you can do with Legos!
Check out the robotics programs happening in Galileo Schools (like Glendale!) Davis Creek Elementary
This school has been working with Lego Robotics for several years.
This is a comprehensive site on Robotics, including descriptions of what robots are, 
samples from classrooms and a lot more! 
View incredible robot animals.Very cool!
A site containing many links to Robotics in the world.
Find out some neat things that robots do.
Science gives a man a robotic arm.
A BBC article on the Bionic Man.
Bionic Ears
BBC article on hearing sensors given to a deaf man.
Robots performing surgery? Find out.


Lego Mindstorms - Mini Challenges

This is an ever growing list of mini-challenges meant to reinforce the class training material and to provide an exercise to use during FLL practice sessions. They can be done by multiple groups within the session and should be easy to follow. Once the kids understand the basic concept, they may be able to see how, or if, they could use the concept in some way on their robot.

If you want to contribute your own mini-challenge let us know. We'll post them. These are in no particular order.

The individual files are all in PDF form. The zip file also contains the Word versions if you want to modify or enhance them, per the license agreement of High Tech Kids.

Mississauga News Video interviews with Little Scientist Club Founder

On July 27th, (also known as Mississauga News) Video News Anchor Nadia interviewed Daniel Chun, coach and founder of Little Scientist Club and have presented our various Junior Robotics workshops, in particular the Vex Robotics Programming Workshops on Wednesday.

To see the video, please click here to see the 2 minute coverage on video news of a 40 MB file